Is Your Car a Mensch?

Each year, the average car emits about 10,000 lbs (three times its weight!) in carbon dioxide pollution – a leading cause of global warming.

Cars can't be menschlich. But, thankfully, people can.

Many drivers are taking the amount of carbon they put into the air back out, by purchasing carbon offsets from TerraPass. TerraPass funds clean energy projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. (Green-e verifies that all of this is kosher.)

Offset the carbon produced by your car this year: buy a TerraPass. You'll receive your own decal and bumper sticker, so you can let the world know that you've cleaned up after you car:

Tzedakah Box: National Havurah Committee

When you purchase a TerraPass through this site, a portion of the proceeds will be shared with:

The National Havurah Committee, a network of diverse individuals and communities dedicated to Jewish living and learning, community building, and
tikkun olam (repairing the world). For nearly 30 years, the NHC has helped Jews across North America envision a joyful grassroots Judaism, and has provided the tools to help people create
empowered Jewish
lives and communities. The NHC is nondenominational, multigenerational, egalitarian, and volunteer-run.

The NHC's flagship program, the week-long Summer Institute, is a unique opportunity for serious study, moving prayer, spirited conversation, late-night jam sessions, singing, dancing, swimming, meditation, and hiking -- all in the company of more than 300 people from a wide range of backgrounds. Each year participants leave the Institute reinvigorated and excited to return to their home communities to share new ideas and experiences.

Tzedakah box by Ed Cohen

It's a Start

The folks at TerraPass say, "reduce what you can, offset the rest." To really address climate change, we're all going to need to
reduce our emissions, not just offset them.

This may mean making changes in the way we live.

Once you've calculated your carbon footprint, cons
ider some of these possible next steps:

eat less meat

change to CFL lightbulbs

install solar in your home or shul

check your tires
use less hot water
turn off electronic devices
recycle, & buy recycled
schlep what you buy in cloth bags
tell your utility you want renewable energy
... more ideas

Print by Judy Sirota Rosenthal